Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2

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Editors: J.M. Strother, Rachel Blackbirdsong & Tony Noland
Cover Design: Jodi Cleghorn
ISBN: 978-0-9871126-9-9 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-9875000-1-4 (eBook)
Size: 203x127cm (Perfect Bound)
Pages: 177
RRP: A$9.99/$4.99

In late 2009 J.M. Strother launched the #FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter and a new writing community was born. The hashtag has grown into a vibrant and thriving writing and reading community who embrace new, emerging and established writers from across the globe every week in celebration of the flash fiction form.

The Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2 brims with a second helping of poignant, uplifting, brutal, funny, melancholic and twisted snap shots of life: past present and future.

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Foreword  Dan Powell

My Sweet   P.J. Kaiser

A Trick of Memory  Jen Brubacher

Quick Draw  T.S. Bazelli

Hooks  Jason Warden

Ice Boat  Mike Robertson

 Poppet  Philip Ellis

 A Girl’s Best Friend  Icy Sedgwick

 The Iris Garden  Timothy Collard

 Roll Call  Tony Noland

 Snakeskin  Rachel Blackbirdsong

Burrito Muy Grande  J.M. Strother

The Game  Michael Tate

Boarding Call  Janet Aldrich

The ABC’s of the Apocalypse  Maria Kelly

The Final Prediction  Alan W. Davidson

 Heist Outré  Laura Eno

 The Year King  Angie Capozello

 Scar Tissue  Adam Byatt

 Geyhound  Peter Domican

 Friends?  Lauren Cude

Oberbaumbrucke, 988  Stephen Hewitt

Pirate Glasses  Peggy McFarland

Blue Tears  Emma Kerry

The Quest  Trevor Belshaw

When Passion Fails  A.M. Harte

 The Idyll  Lisamarie Lamb

 Swelter  Donald Conrad

 She-Hero  Jodi Cleghorn

 Letting Go  Kaolin Fire

 Bobby Jones  Carrie Clevenger

But Heroes Often Fail  Cathy Olliffe-Webster

First Foot  Sam Adamson

The Transformation of Major Jack Garrison  Keith Dugger

Trad-Metal Blues  Adam Keeper

House Cemetery  S.G. Larner

 One Passing Dusk  Michael Phillips

 Badges  Marc Nash

 Wicked Witch for Hire  Katherine Nabity

 Zombie Walk  Mari Juniper

 White  Linda Simoni-Wastila

Phantom Horse  Emelie E. Strother

Vigilance  Jason Coggins

Joe Milgrave and the Devil  Monica Marier

Assignation  Larry Kollar

Femme Fatale  Catherine Russell

 And the Angels Cried  Nettie Thomson

 No Such Thing  Stephen Book

 The Brawl  Chuck Allen

 Big Pimpin’  E.D. Johnson

 The Littlest Key  D. Paul Angel

Mom’s Phone  Eric J. Krause

A Ballerina’s Dream  Tracie L. Baldock

Alligators by Twitter  John Wiswell

Boy Cousin: The Marvel  Deanna Schrayer

Running Away  Cathy Olliffe-Webster

 Breakfast News  Virginia Moffatt

 Wasps  David Garrett

 Intimate Strangers  Kevin J. Mackey